Achieve programme success with the SAP Success Optimizer

Research shows that over 50% of SAP programmes fail.

And, the ultimate price you pay for SAP failure is business failure.


The SAP Success Optimizer identifies potential failure points on your SAP programme and provides you with a focused improvement plan to ensure SAP programme success.


Protect yourself and your business from failure with the SAP Success Optimizer.

Protect your SAP Programme with the SAP Success Optimizer

Your insurance policy against SAP programme failure


More than a methodology

With the SAP Success Optimizer, you get to benchmark your project against SAP project failures and success stories.


Become an SAP Success Story

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Reduce risk

Reduce risk on your SAP programme by addressing over 70 common and costly mistakes that can lead to SAP failure in your business

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Increase knowledge

Educate and align your business teams and IT teams for the many challenges involved in complex SAP transformation

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Track success

Quantify your chances of SAP success with hard data rather than anecdotal evidence. Use the SAP Success Index as a baseline for improvement

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Plan improvement

Create an improvement plan that will increase confidence in your project, bring you in on budget and help you meet your business case

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Get advice

Access experienced former Big 4 and Gartner experts who will guide you and your team through your SAP Success journey

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"Despite 20 years of implementing SAP, companies are spending millions and are still screwing it up. SAP is not a project – it is a lifecycle stream.

The SAP Success Optimizer will make sure your SAP investment provides real business benefits."

Dr Derek Prior, 
Former Head of SAP Research, Gartner

Protect your SAP Programme with the SAP Success Optimizer

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