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The SAP Success Report

Read the real reasons why SAP investments succeed or fail. 

And, what you can do to massively increase your chances of running a successful SAP project.


Download the 2018 SAP Success Report

    Mastering successful SAP transformation

    Uncovering the factors that drive success for SAP customers

    Find out how you can increase your chances of being successful with SAP

    Over a 20 year period, SAP's solution has evolved immeasurably.  Trouble is, the way it is implemented and managed has stagnated.

    In this research led report, you'll find out the crucial things that make the difference between success and failure for your SAP investment.

    Created in conjunction with Derek Prior, former SAP Research Director at Gartner and Resulting, the report outlines the real reasons why significant investments in SAP succeed or fail.

    • 40 pages of research led facts highlighting success and failure rates of real programmes.
    • Analysis of what makes the best succeed and the worst fail.
    • Commentary from SAP industry figures and experienced SAP customers
    • The 7 most significant steps you can make to underpin your SAP investment.
    SAP Success Report 2018 Resulting




    "This research reveals the big success levers that are the difference between success and failure with SAP, and identifies the elements that make the greatest impact upon plans, budgets and, most importantly, achieving the objectives in their business case."


    Dr Derek Prior

    Former SAP Research Director, Gartner

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