Exploiting the New SAP MaxAttention to Maximise Customer Success

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Are you getting the most value out of MaxAttention?

Most enterprises today are trying their hardest to stay ahead of their competition by using a range of different business strategies. For most of them, looking after the customer has become a passion, not a luxury.

We all have to try harder to look after our customers, our employees and the environment - not just to increase efficiency, but because we all know that it is the right thing to do.

Having spent 19 years as an SAP Analyst in the ERP Team at Gartner, where some of my most popular research notes focused on SAP MaxAttention, SAP Solution Manager and the business value from SAP investments, I’ve just completed my latest research project to uncover the connection between the New SAP MaxAttention and SAP Customer Success.

This report is designed to show how SAP customers can become much more successful by using SAP’s leading premium services, together with the latest Resulting best practices for SAP.