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LIVE RESEARCH WEBINAR - 15:00pm UK Time, WEDNESDAY 10th April 2024

The future of the SAP CoE: Are you prepared for S/4HANA?


The next generation of SAP is here, and it's more agile, adaptable, and composable than ever before. But your CoE must be ready to support S/4 if your migration is going to succeed. 

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare for a new world of continuous delivery, constant change, roll outs, fixes and enhancements with a clear focus on agile business process changes and optimisation

  • Embrace the world of composable ERP, where hybrid cloud integration with PaaS and SaaS micro services is extensive and multiple software vendors and project teams are required

  • Benefit from bleeding edge trends like industry cloud, generative AI and ACWF, and face down challenges like technical debt and cyber security threats 

The UKs leading experts in SAP & S/4HANA CoEs



Join Nick Coburn from Resulting IT and Andy Brown from National Gas for a live webinar and expert thought leadership on building a strong internal capability to deliver value from your future S/4 system. 

  • Learn from Resulting’s 20+ years experience as leading experts in SAP CoEs
  • Get actionable advice on how to prepare your CoE for S/4HANA and RISE
  • Learn from your peers and get your voice heard in our live research session
  • Ask questions and get personalised answers from the speakers

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