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    The SAP Success Report

    SAP has been around for more than 20 years - so why do so many SAP projects still fail?


    In this groundbreaking research we define the 15 levers that will drive success - or failure - on your next SAP project.




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    Don't migrate to SAP S/4HANA

    Until you've read this research

    With SAP withdrawing support for ECC by 2027 (or 2030 for an additional fee) the pressure is on to move to S/4.


    But your S/4 migration must be more than just a technical upgrade.

    Find out how you can have a better S/4 move in this report. 




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    Will you survive the SAP Skills Apocalypse?

    The SAP industry had a huge boom in the late 90s. Now those skilled SAP consultants are thinking about retirement.

    And, with the pressure on to move to S/4, we could rapidly be approach a skills apocalypse in the SAP industry.

    Understand the scale of the problem in this research.