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Tuesday 25th June 2024

S/4 Success Supper, King Street Townhouse, Manchester


If you run SAP you’re probably thinking about S/4 in some capacity. We’re running an S/4 Success Supper to provide you with an opportunity to meet like minded people from the SAP community and share experiences and best practices on your journey to S/4HANA.

We bring together a carefully curated list of the key players amongst our customers, partners and industry experts including those just starting their S/4 journey to those who are already live with S/4.

There’ll be no speakers, no presentations, no pushy sales people - just open discussion about the challenges facing SAP customers like you, facilitated by us.



At King Street Townhouse, chefs create seasonal British classics using local ingredients - and with an eye on what’s best, they;ll sometimes surprise you.

King Street Townhouse promises a dining experience you’ll remember forever. A paragon of taste — both in terms of food and style, you won’t find starchy white tablecloths here, just an exceptional seasonal menu that reflects it's passion for good food. 

The Food & Drink menus are curated to replicate the taste, flavours and textures of summer, autumn, winter and spring. 

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